Billy's Place is a center of hope for grieving families in the West Valley
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When donating to Billy's Place, your donation goes directly to grieving children and their families in our community.  

Because of your donations we are able to provide services at no cost to the families we serve.  

 Billy's Place is a 501 c 3 organization and all donations are tax deductible .

Thank you so much for your contribution. 

Upcoming Events!

Grief Support Evening
Monday, September 14th
Kicking Back Night
Monday, September 28
Grief Support Evening
Monday, October 12
Kicking Back Night
Monday, October 26
National Grief Awareness Day Butterfly Release
Sunday, Aug 30

Link to purchase your butterfly

Mark Your Calendars
Billy's Place Signature Event
Saturday, November 7th
6 - 9 pm
More details to follow on this girls only evening of fun!

An intake is required before services at Billy's Place can begin.  Please contact us at 623.414.9838 or email at

Thanks to ABC News and Angie Holdsworth for your support of Billy's Place and Children's Grief Awareness Day!  It gave us a chance to share our story!! 

Our Vision
To be a place that provides comfort and hope for brighter tomorrows

Our Mission
To walk with families through their grief journey

We each find coping mechanisms to deal with grieving the loss of a special person--some healthy, some not. Children and teens, are allowed to be sad, and even allowed to be angry. Every emotion is acceptable in grief. It’s the ways in which we express those emotions that are healthy or unhealthy. Exercise is a great way to get out those angry or sad feelings we have with the death of our special person.

Title One Boxing Arrowhead helped show these kids one way to get out their feelings in a healthy way. From getting their hands wrapped, to punching the bag, this was an amazing night!

We give a HUGE shout out to the WHOLE TEAM at Title One Boxing for working with our kiddos!

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