Billy's Place is a center of hope for grieving families in the West Valley
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Next Support Group!

Monday, October 27th.  
Drop in night for current Billy's Place Familes!!  

Our next support group evening is Monday, November 10th.  

An intake is required before services at Billy's Place can begin.  Please contact us at 623.335.1101 or email at

Thanks to Khana Kaufman Dias we have a video we have prepared to give you a glimpse of what Billy's Place is all about!  Take a peek!!

463.1 KB

Thanks to ABC News and Angie Holdsworth for your support of Billy's Place and Children's Grief Awareness Day 2013!  It gave us a chance to share our story!! 

Our Vision
To be a place that provides comfort and hope for brighter tomorrows

Our Mission
To walk with families through their grief journey

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